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Monday, 27 February 2017

Computer errors when booting toll free l +1-855-517-2433

pc support
Pc Support

Booting Framework 

Boot a PC is to stack a working system into the PC's essential memory or sporadic get to memory (RAM). Once the working system is stacked (and, for example, on a PC, you see the hidden Windows or Mac desktop screen), it's set up for customers to run applications. 

The boot methodology is the name for the diverse steps the PC takes.This is when POST bumble messages are given if there's an issue.

This issue may happen if the essential data/yield system (BIOS) on your PC is out of date, or if no less than one of the going with Windows boot records are truant. 


  • You use USB streak drives to quicken your system using the Windows Ready Boost incorporate. 
  • You generally use USB streak drives to transport information between PCs. 
  • You as regularly as conceivable use USB streak drives for various reasons. 
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Printer won’t print l +1-855-517-2433

computer support

computer support
computer support
A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper. Printers vary in size, speed, sophistication, and cost. In general, more expensive printers are used for higher-resolution color printing.

A printer is an external hardware output device that takes the electronic data stored on a computer or other device and generates a hard copy of it. ... Printers are one of the most popular computer peripherals and are commonly used to print text and photos.


check1 Initially, ensure that you have the right printer chose, when printing a records

check2 Inside the Words doc, Click File/print

In the print supervisor box, ensure you have the right printer chose

check3 In the event that your printer worked before, attempt to utilize "Framework Restore" to reestablish your windows to that

check4  USB printer: Unplug the usb connector, and connect it to another usb port. Ensure it is safely associated with both sides. In the event that that does not work, restart the PC

check5 Read more.

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Lost Broadband Internet connection l +1-855-517-2433

computer support

computer support
computer support
 Broadband refers to telecommunication in which a wide band of frequencies is available to transmit information. ... Related terms are wideband (a synonym), baseband (a one-channel band), and narrowband.

Broadband. This refers to high-speed data transmission in which a single cable can carry a large amount of data at once. The most common types of Internet broadband connections are cable modems.


1.Right-tap the "Web Network Connection" symbol in the SysTray (- right-base corner of Windows 

Taskbar), click "Repair" or "Analyze and Repair", or 

2. Click Start/Run/cmd; sort ipconfig 

/discharge all; ipconfig/restore all 

3. In Win ME, Start/Run/winipcfg 

4. Restart PC

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windows media player has no sound l +1-855-517-2433

computer support

computer support
windows support
Windows Media Player (abbreviated WMP) is a media player and media library application developed by Microsoft that is used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile–based devices.

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a software application from Microsoft used to play, store and organize digital audio, images and video.

While earlier editions of WMP were released for PC s running a variety of operating system operating systems, including Windows Mobile.

check1 Check Speaker association/connector; control,


check2 Open different other music players, e.g.,

RealPlayer, QuickTime, and ensure all the

volume is NOT "Quieted

Check3 Read more..

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computer CD-DVD won’t reject l +1-855-517-2433

computer support 

computer support
computer support
An optical disc drive that reads and writes all common CD and DVD formats. All modern optical drives that come with personal computers are CD/DVD drives. See DVD writer, CD-ROM drives and DVD drives.

A compact disc (CD) is a plastic-fabricated, circular medium for recording, storing, and playing back audio, video, and computer data. ..

An optical drive in a computer system allows you to use CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs to listen to music or watch a movie.


Right tap the CD-drive, select launch won't work either!

check1  If you are copying a CD/DVD, then you should hold up till it naturally dismiss

check2  If the blazing procedure is smashed/solidified, then, attempt ctrl-alt-del, highlight the

Compact disc copying system, and end it

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Unsupported Filetype error Realplayer l +1-855-517-2433

pc support
Pc Support

'Unsupported filetype error' in Realplayer 

This message implies that RealPlayer couldn't perceive a record that you attempted to get to.
Of course, RealPlayer can play RealAudio, RealVideo, and MPEG documents. For a rundown of upheld record sorts, visit the Media Types page. It can likewise play other media sorts if the fitting modules and codecs (pressure/decompression frameworks) are introduced.

Notwithstanding, RealPlayer can't play documents that your PC does not perceive. To introduce the codecs required for your framework to perceive different sorts of documents, download and introduce the media player or its codec bundle that was initially intended to play back that media.

To introduce these free codecs for your framework, pick one from the accompanying rundown of media players with normally utilized codecs:

Joined Community Codec Pack: To play MKV documents, download the Combined Community Codec Pack. (Download 64-bit or 32-bit in view of what your PC has.)

DivX codec: Download the DivX Plus Codec Pack. (Select the "Free programming" rendition.)

K-Lite codec: Download it here.

Once the codecs are introduced, RealPlayer Plus clients and RealTimes Premium or Unlimited endorsers can utilize the Universal Media Playback highlight to play all upheld media sorts with RealPlayer.

To empower Universal Media Playback: 

1. Open RealPlayer.

2. Tap the RealPlayer logo, then Preferences. The Preferences exchange opens.

3. In the "Class" region under Content, click "Media Types".

4. Put a speck beside "Make RealPlayer my Universal Media Player".

5.

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